Gemstone Micro Fusion Series (Micro Pebble Finish, Polishable)

The Sandstone Series (Mini Pebble Finish)

For our customers desiring the ultimate in color reflections, Gemstone™ is proud to announce our spectacular new Designer Series. Vibrantly colored accent stone combines with a blend of natural pebbles and rich concrete pigments to create the most exciting pool finishes on the market today.

The rich selection of Gemstone™ Series exposed aggregate finishes is the culmination of years of cooperation among some of the world’s finest swimming pool surface specialists. Made from nature’s own blend of beautiful beach pebbles, rich pigments and abalone shell, these elegant organic materials heighten the refractive properties of light, creating a prismatic effect in the water that varies throughout the day. This stunningly beautiful product with durability to match will guarantee to endure in strength and luster for many years to come.

Micro Fusion® is the latest invention in micro pebble pool interiors. This innovative pozzolanic and polymer enhanced blend shows its strength and beauty in a lux and modern way. The ultra silky smoothness and ambiance of dancing abalone shell in your choice of six vibrant colors make this your next interior pool finish.

Creating a Higher Standard

Radiant Fusion® is the latest invention in pool interiors. This innovative pozzolanic and polymer enhanced blend shows its strength and beauty in a lux and modern way. We use the smallest-sized micro pebble enhanced with the radiant brilliance of iridescent, multi-hued, gem-like Pebble Radiance™ glass crystals and abalone shell. Vibrant water hues and the ultra smooth finish complete the look and feel of this new interior pool finish.

The Sandstone Series is a newer innovation in exposed aggregate pool interiors. Blended using nature’s own blend of beautiful beach pebbles in a smaller, smoother size purposed to create a flatter texture and feel. The shimmer of abalone shell adds an additional elegance. With the same quality material composition and aesthetic feel found in the Gemstone™ Series you are assured an interior finish that provides lasting beauty for years of enjoyment.

Although these finishes take on the appearance of the more traditional plaster finishes, they are distinctly different. Sparkle Quartz is specially engineered with natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest components. Pozzolanic and polymer admixtures are blended in to fortify the cement matrix. This produces a harder, denser, more durable finish. All Sparkle Quartz colors are enhanced with natural reflective abalone dust that creates a sparkling appeal.

The Jewels for Pools Series (Mini Pebble Finish)

This top of the line interior series comprised of natural aggregates, angled colored glass crystals and abalone shell is the ultimate polished, blended interior surface. This sultry and indulging polished finish provides a lasting luster that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Series (100% Crushed Quartz finish)

NOTICE: For a larger image click any sample. To view a finished pool click the chainlink on the bottom right corner of the larger image.Images are magnified to highlight the detail and complexity of the materials. Actual pebbles are smaller than shown.

Gemstone™Jewels for Pools™ with 20% added Pebble Radiance Blue Pearl Blend is the ultimate in color reflection. These vibrant iridescent, multi-hued, gem-like pebbles combined with nature’s own blend of pebbles, abalone shell and rich pigments will take your Gemstone finish from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Gemstone Radiant Fusion Series (Micro Pebble Finish)

Gemstone designer series  (available in MINI)

Est. 1995

Arctic Coast Series (Smooth Polished Pebble Finish)

The Gemstone Classic Series (Mini Pebble Finish)

Commercial & Residential

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